Best Networking Events in London

Are you looking to launch your career? Here are the best networking events in London that are sure to lead you in the right direction.

best networking events in London

It's no secret that finding the right opportunity in a city with over 9 million people can be challenging.

Are you tired of writing cover letters without any guarantee of landing your first interview? Well, you are in luck. According to experts, 80% of jobs are found via professional networks.

Shocking, isn't it? However, it would be best if you showed up to increase your chances of finding success.

A lot of people avoid networking events due to social anxiety. Perhaps you are an introvert and would rather sit in a coffee shop with a good book. Why not take the chance and explore all that London has to offer?

The odds of landing your dream job are in your favour.

If you want to discover the best networking events in London, we've got you covered. Our list of networking opportunities is guaranteed to kickstart your career and overall development.

London Enterprise Tech Meetup

Are you interested in networking with the greatest minds in tech? London Enterprise Tech Meetup is a professional networking group to strengthen business connections and find IT jobs in London.

Their monthly events attract enterprise tech influencers from around the globe.

Meet and network with some of the sharpest minds in tech. Discuss global developments as well as current and future trends. Learn about emerging technology.

Fintech leaders and innovators participate in this vast network. In addition, it is a chance to meet those who can provide professional opportunities.

Visit their website to track their latest news and ongoing networking events.

The Finance and Technology Business Network

Connect with influencers across the financial services and tech industries.

Also known as New Finance, this innovative community consists of IT and Finance professionals across London. Community members are building revolutionising web and mobile platforms. Learn from them.

Attend their networking events to explore the financial services industry. Discover available professional opportunities in this robust space. Visit their website to explore upcoming networking events in London.

Advance your career, whether you are already working in Fintech or want to find a job in London in this burgeoning field. You can also keep up with them on Linkedin or follow them on Twitter.

Leading Women Empowerment Network

Do you want to meet and learn from female entrepreneurs and leaders? Then, the Leading Women Empowerment Network is for you! Meet women entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds. This group welcomes women in all stages of their careers.

If you want to meet a female mentor, this is a great place to find one. This group offers support and encouragement. Here you will find networking help and meet women who want to collaborate with you.

Attend one of their weekly lunch events to meet inspiring women passionate about their careers. You can learn more about them through their meetup group online.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a nonprofit that inspires women to excel in technology careers. They host networking events in London and around the world.

Networking opportunities, professional development workshops, and educational programming are available. In addition, there are endless opportunities for you to meet women who share your technical background.

Discover professional opportunities for female coders and build a supportive network. Group members can connect through their website and via Twitter.

So if you are a female engineer or tech enthusiast, do not miss out on their events!

Business Networking and Growth

Do you want to build strong, supportive relationships with business leaders in London? Do you want to engage in meaningful discussions? If the answer is yes, please check out this community.

Their events offer you the chance to cultivate supportive business relationships. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet thousands of like-minded individuals in an informal setting.

Share your professional experience and discuss complex business issues at a networking event. But also enjoy yourself and discover exciting professional opportunities in the process. Good times and stimulating conversations are in ample supply.

London Entrepreneurs Network

To meet local entrepreneurs, check out the largest entrepreneurial community in London. Active since 2008 and with over 30,000 members, they are London's premier business and entrepreneurial networking group.

They have a reputation for working tirelessly to help young entrepreneurs succeed. They offer training, mentoring, and round-table panels to promote professional growth and collaboration.

Join this group at no cost. Attend one of their networking events and discover the endless opportunities it provides.

Meet Founders

Founded during the 2020 lockdown, this organization was launched with a passion for serving the startup community. They support startups, venture capitalists, and innovators around the world.

Are you looking for meaningful professional advice? You will find it here.

Also, check out their online events or in-person networking events. Meet and mingle with seasoned investors and entrepreneurs. They provide drinks and food. All you need to provide is yourself!

It is a rare opportunity to learn more about the startup and investing world. You will get an inside view from those who know and are willing to teach.

You can learn more about them at their website or on LinkedIn.

Attend Networking Events to Kickstart Your Career

Networking is primarily about meeting people and forming relationships. If you don't attend networking events, you will miss many opportunities. Don't shy away from it. Instead, see it as a chance to meet fascinating people from all walks of life.

Allow others to guide you on your path to success.

If you are looking to start a new business venture or learn more about professional opportunities in your chosen industry, you can't afford to miss these networking events.