changing careers in London view of the City from South Bank

Changing Careers In London: Is It Possible?

Changing careers in London is a bold move that many contemplate in their professional journey. Whether driven by passion, the pursuit of a better work-life balance, or the need for a new challenge in the bustling metropolis, embarking on a career change can be both exhilarating and daunting. In this article, we’ll explore the various … Read more

work from home jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs in UK

The pandemic of coronavirus has hit the world’s working force massively. From the job loss to the highest unemployment ratio, COVID-19 pushed everyone towards home working and turned the tables for a lot of organizations. Since the workplaces and businesses faced a huge downfall in their revenue, they wiped out so many employees which resulted in … Read more

unusual high paying jobs in London

Five Unusual High Paying Jobs in London

When we think about high-paying professions there are few obvious contenders that immediately spring to mind. Of course, roles in industries like law, medicine and technology are often associated with lucrative paychecks and high levels of career satisfaction. But did you know that some of the most unusual jobs in the world also pay incredibly … Read more

how to find a job in London

How to Find a Job in London

Did you know that London’s employment rate stands at 74.7 percent as of 2021? When it comes to finding a job in London, you have to be tactful and savvy to succeed. That’s because London attracts thousands of people worldwide looking for employment opportunities. As foreigners flock to London, the city’s job market is highly … Read more

cost of living in London - a view over London skyline from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf

Cost of Living in London

Research shows that the population growth rate in London is twice that of the rest of the United Kingdom. In fact, by 2025 it’s estimated that the city’s population could reach a staggering 9.5 million people! Are you looking to put down roots here, too? Whether you’re travelling from abroad or only a few towns … Read more

living and working in London - a view of Tower Bridge and the Shard

Living and Working in London

As of 2021, London had approximately 5.8 million workforce jobs. This is an increase of 58,900 jobs from December 2020. If you’re looking for a new job and want to uplevel your career, working in London can be just the change of pace you need. As a business epicentre with a diverse workforce, London can … Read more

networking events in London

Best Networking Events in London

It’s no secret that finding the right opportunity in a city with over 9 million people can be challenging. Are you tired of writing cover letters without any guarantee of landing your first interview? Well, you are in luck. According to experts, 80% of jobs are found via professional networks. Shocking, isn’t it? However, it … Read more

B2B Referral Program

How To Create A Successful B2B Referral Program

A referral marketing program when done correctly, can multiply your ROI and generate quality leads. With a well-designed referral program, you can easily gain your prospects’ trust and establish a quality relationship that leads to increased sales. But what is a B2B referral program and how can you create a successful B2B referral strategy for … Read more

digital marketing career

5 Digital Marketing Careers That Will Grow in the Next Decade

Digital marketing has undergone a dramatic change and has become the forefront and imperative of every marketing agenda. From SEO to social media management, companies have been allotting bigger budgets in advertising as brands compete in the digital space. Optimisation of websites, content, and marketing campaigns can significantly increase lead generation and sales conversion. Digital … Read more

job hunting in London

Helpful Hints For Job Hunting In London

Whether you’ve already moved to London and are looking for employment, or if you want to learn how to get a job before you move, it’s certainly no secret that the market is incredibly competitive in the city. An average of 32 top-tier candidates apply for a single position in London, which is at least … Read more

top tips for living in London

Top Tips for Living in London

In the past decade, nearly 12 percent of job seekers have chosen to relocate for work. For most people, finding a job in London that pays well and that has great benefits is a must. In some instances, finding this job in your local area will be impossible. One of the most lucrative job markets … Read more

company culture

Can Company Culture be Used as a Marketing Initiative to Attract and Retain Employees?

Happy employees can lead to happy customers because of increased productivity, which ‌leads to increased profits. That’s why more businesses are focused on creating a strong company culture. After all, what better way to attract top talent than by offering a fantastic work environment? One of the best ways to improve your company culture is … Read more

best ULEZ compliant vans for London traders

The Best ULEZ Compliant Vans for London Traders

Tradespeople in London have been dealt a huge blow. The Introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone has meant that a great many of the older vans being driven for work purposes around the city are now completely unaffordable to run. The ULEZ has been introduced by Sadiq Khan in an effort to combat the poor … Read more

CV Job Hunting Tips

6 Little-Known CV Job Hunting Tips to Boost Your Chances

On the lookout for a new role? We asked Andrew Fennell, the founder of StandOut CV, for his tips on how to maximise your job hunting results… When you’re applying for roles amongst thousands of other candidates, getting noticed by employers can feel impossible. But the truth is, applying for advertised roles isn’t the only way … Read more

why your business needs a blog

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Managing a business website is a key factor for modern leaders, as it ensures that your organisation gets noticed on the internet. With over 4.55 billion individuals around the world using the internet today, and with that figure rising every year, it’s clear that businesses can no longer afford to avoid having a robust online … Read more

Social Media Career

Social media is a growing in importance for all types of organisations in many different fields, be it a traditional corporation, a local small business, or a non profit/NGO institution. As people spend more time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it makes sense from a marketing and customer relation perspective for businesses and organisations to … Read more