Benefits of HR

HR (Human Resources) is an essential part of any successful business. However, despite that far too many companies still lack an official HR department, instead opting to manage the common HR tasks in different ways.

This can lead to the business being far less effective and can also result in other problems too.

HR is responsible for dealing with paying staff, organising meetings and company updates, and are also on hand to provide personal assistance to staff to ensure that they are happy and that there are no conflicts.

HR isn’t just something to help a business function. When implemented properly, HR can help a business thrive and grow. Here are a few benefits of HR that should convince you to instigate an HR department in your business if you’re yet to have one.

Can Help You Secure Top Talent

Recruitment is a big part of a business. When getting a new employee, it can take on average 23 days to source the right candidate, go through various interviews and screening tasks, and eventually finally make that hire. If you’re doing this process without an HR department, it can mean that a lot of time and effort is being taken out of your usual working day, meaning that you’re not being as efficient with your time.

When you get HR, this department can take control of the hiring process, streamlining the process and making it easier to track the progress of each application. When you have a team dedicated to the recruitment, it can help you identify and secure the top talent in your industry.

Better Onboarding

Once you get a new hire into your business, you will have to train them and get them used to the company culture and way of working. This is known as the onboarding process and is a crucial aspect of HR. If you get onboarding wrong, the new hire may not feel up to speed with everything, impacting their ability to work at the best of their ability. If you’re trying to onboard without the assistance of an HR team, you can make mistakes and deliver a less than effective process.

A dedicated HR team can plan the onboarding process, track the different tasks that the new hire needs to do and better manage the experience. Nailing onboarding can help your new employee fit into the business and hit the ground running.

Improve employee retention

Having multiple staff members leave your company in quick succession can be harmful to your business. Not only does a high turnover rate cost money, but it can also stop the business from growing organically with its employees.

A good HR department can really help employee retention, and can do this from a few different approaches. The first is through improving employee satisfaction. An HR department can do this by offering support and training so that the employees feel that they’re making progress and that the company is helping them to grow and better themselves. A HR team can figure out a training plan for staff to partake in so that they can improve their skills.

HR can also boost employee satisfaction by helping to elevate any workplace conflicts or issues. With a HR department staff have a separate business entity that they can go to with complaints or suggestions without the fear of repercussions. Without HR, staff can feel intimidated by going to their boss with issues and suggestions. HR makes this more accessible.

Some HR teams can create quarterly surveys where staff can anonymously offer their thoughts about the business, which can then be used by management to make improvements which will, in turn, make staff happier.

If your business is looking to add HR to improve employee satisfaction, you can always outsource HR, which is a cheaper option. Instead of creating an in-house team, you can use an external company to provide the same services and support. If you’re operating in London, you can find an HR Dept in South London to provide assistance.


This article barely scratches the surface of what an HR team can offer to your business. In addition to being a great asset when trying to hire and recruit new members of staff, an HR team can also help improve the satisfaction of everyone within the business.

By managing progression plans, compiling feedback from staff so that improvements can be made, and managing various management tasks, HR has the power to supercharge your business and help it grow into a more successful company.